Company Profile


Eureka Electric Appliances Corporation, a company engaged in the importation, trading and manufacturing of home appliances was humbly established in 1999. From their head office in Quezon City, they have now transferred to their new home in Marilao, Bulacan together with their main plant and warehouse to further advance the company’s ongoing development.

Through the years, Eureka, the brand that is widely known today as a provider of quality home appliances runs with various departments of different specialization to ensure outstanding product quality standards. It never ceases to seek for fresh, user-friendly and reliable product designs that can keep up with the trends and needs of the customers. Backed up with strong support from advanced equipment, well-trained staff with exceptional technical knowledge, the company assures top-quality products, competitively affordable price and undeniable good service for every family.

Mission & Vision



To provide quality and affordable home appliances through global manufacturing standards, efficient distribution channels and prompt after-sales service.


To create comfortable lifestyle for every household through quality home appliances.

Our People


Our company values its good name and integrity. All of its people have been screened and chosen for their diligence, dedication to service, honesty, exemplary character, conduct and knowledge of duties and responsibilities.

It is the company’s primary goal to strive for excellence in order to develop the prestige as ultimate quality and service provider to the local consumers.

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